The Challenge

Throughout 2019, a number of our Xeim brands partnered with The Fifth, a full-service influencer marketing agency on a mission to do things differently. The client’s aim was to engage with brands that would benefit in elevating their influencer strategy into a multi-channel approach, by demonstrating the great business outcomes and results they deliver.

The Method

The Fifth multimedia programme was formed of several branches throughout the Xeim group, across print, digital, social and live events, all woven together to really drive the organisation’s brand and marketing message.

Uniquely positioned with a direct route to marketing audiences and a wealth of editorial instinct and insight, we were able to strategically devise a programme to champion the benefits of The Fifth’s influencer marketing solutions.

At the heart of the campaign, the Festival of Marketing enabled The Fifth to shine. As main sponsors of the social influence and marketing stage, a strengthened credibility in this space was established. The Fifth hosted a panel on ‘how to professionalise influencer marketing’ with TAG Heuer and Q-83 and had some incredible talent on stage, including Amy Fuller and Candice Braithwaite, as well as a hugely inspirational line-up of speakers, from Virgin Trains talking about weird and wonderful advertising to Happy Place founder Fearne Cotton who engaged the crowds.

Oystercatchers formed an essential part of the programme for The Fifth too, putting the agency directly in front of a senior audience through a series of relevant events and initiatives. Oystercatchers worked with The Fifth across the year, starting with the Oystercatchers Club evening in May on ‘The Role of the Influencer’ where The Fifth’s brand film was showcased to start the panel discussion. This was followed in May with a bespoke lunch for 20 senior clients, in partnership with Rankin, at Cannes. This culminated in The Fifth’s sponsorship of the ‘Creative Influence’ book, featuring Rankin’s portraits of over 50 CMO’s and senior marketers and their views on creativity. The book was launched on day 2 of the Festival, followed by a panel discussion on partnering with creators, that included Rankin and The Fifth’s clients, 2LG

Marketing Week and Creative Review then both supported The Fifth programme in Cannes earlier this year with a CMO engagement programme including 12 CMOs attending a Marketing Week lunch with The Fifth.

The Results

Oliver Lewis, managing director and founder at The Fifth was blown away by the content and quality of the attendees at the Festival of Marketing and the subsequent impact for his organisation.

“The festival was an absolutely seamless and brilliant event for us; we met so many key decision makers in our industry and the way in which our brand was really brought to life through that event space and content was really successful.

“Festival of Marketing is an incredible platform for businesses of all sizes to build on their own marketing activity. For us, we’re relatively new and small start-up, but it’s been an incredible way to get our message out there to a brilliant mix of talent. We’re definitely talking about doing it again next year.” Oliver said.

As just one piece of the Xeim solution for The Fifth, Oliver is committed to continuing the programme with is into next year and further building on the results we’ve secured to date.

“We set about our programme at the beginning of the year to think about how we can build our brand and marketing message through the Xiem group; the festival was one part of that wider solution and we’re building on that across all titles. It’s just one part of a bigger plan which will continue through into 2020.” Continued Oliver.